A Better Way to Upsell

So, here’s what happened last week: I bought a new car and called a local window tinting franchise to get it tinted.

The owner answered, quickly took my credit card for the top tinting package, and then attempted to upsell me to his high priced “car wrapping” package (basically a full body protection package).

The problem is how he opened the conversation. The way he did it totally turned me off:

“Hey, I want you to know that whatever the dealer is selling you I can do it cheaper and better. For example, I’ve got the absolute best ceramic film protection package and the way we do it is…”

And off he went. Little did he know that I had already authorized the dealer to do the simonize wrap—inside and out—that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Total price: $799

When he got to the end of a very long and intense pitch, he said it cost $2,699, but he’d give me a deal at just $2,199. I told him I’d think about it…

Now, what should he have done? How about ask questions to engage and qualify me. Here’s how I would have handled it. I would have started with a question:

“Congrats on your new car purchase! Thanks for choosing us to tint your windows—I guarantee you’ll be happy with the job we’ll do!

“Question: How are you going to “wrap” or protect your new paint?”

And then I’d listen. If he had used this kind of an assumptive question here, I would have volunteered the simonize I had opted to get. He then could have clarified:

“That’s a good option for many people and, given what you’re hoping to accomplish with it, that may work for you as well.

“Question for you: Given that simonize is essentially a wax product that does fade overtime, are you open to learning what your other options might be?”

I would have said yes—I mean, it doesn’t hurt to learn, right?

He could then have explained what he offered, how it was far superior and guaranteed the car to look like new for 10 years, how it would defend against chips on the front end, etc. Overall, how it was really the only way to go—if it was important for me to really protect my car and have it look like new.

And then he could have suggested that for just $1,400 additional, I could protect my new investment for 10 years.

If I balked, he could have suggested I come over to the store and see for myself how far superior it was. After that, I could make an informed decision—no pressure…

If that was how this went, I’d probably have hired him to do this. After I got the simonize product and then went to get the windows tinted—and actually saw that what he was selling was actually a “full body tint” product—I was wishing I had known about it.

But as it was, I was turned off immediately by his total pitch that lacked any questions or engagement from me.

Oh, and by the way, once I did get there, all he did was pitch me endlessly again! Highly annoying…

So, let this be a lesson to you: Don’t ruin the opportunity to make a sale by pitching blindly. Instead, ask questions, be interested, and look for openings. Then gently lead a prospect to through your presentation.

You’ll make more sales and feel better about sales.

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