How to Negotiate to Close More Deals

There is a disturbing trend I’ve heard with the companies I’m working with. And it starts when prospects begin asking for a lower price or a “deal,” or for a reference before committing, or for a free trial to demo services or products. The problem I’m hearing is that sales reps—both newer reps and even […]

One Powerful Way to Learn More About a Prospect

Let’s start with the obvious: Sales reps talk too much. Whether it’s nervousness, fear, inexperience, or just the conviction that if they stop talking the prospect will say “Not interested” and hang up, it doesn’t matter. If you listen to calls from your sales reps, you’ll find that they simply talk past the close. They […]

How to Sell & Closing More Sales Leads with Follow Up Calls Skills

The Sale is in The Follow Up By Mike Brooks, Learn how to sell and improve sales skills with secrets of closing more leads and deals via follow up prospecting message, phone call and letter techniques. As a homeowner, I’m always having to fix something. Those of you who own homes know exactly what […]

Phone Sales & Business Prospecting Calls Tools Tips Methods & Ideas

Avoid This One Error when Prospecting by Phone By Mike Brooks, Learn about the best creative, effective phone business prospecting scripts, tools, tips, process, methods and ideas to help you successfully close more sales. On Facebook last week, there was a very brave soul who was making cold calls live. I clicked over to […]

Three Techniques to Make Your Sales Training More Effective

Introduction: According to, over 48% of inside sales companies surveyed reported that they missed their monthly revenues goals more times in a 12-month cycle than they reached them. Other sales indicators like time on the phone, closing ratios, percentage to monthly goal, etc, pipeline accuracy inevitably suffered as well as sales teams struggled to […]