3 Ways to Overcome Call Reluctance

Picking up the phone and making “cold calls” has never been easy, and this has prevented many reps from making the calls that can make them more sales and more income. Instead, reps these days tend to spend more time communicating on social media and sending emails.

Top reps still prefer to pick up the phone and have conversation, and this remains the best way to not only speak with someone, but to qualify them as well.

If you’re suffering from call reluctance, there is a way out! Simply follow these 3 proven ways to making calls easier, and confidently.

One: Avoid call reluctance by scripting out what you’re going to say and how you’re going to respond to the inevitable objections and stalls you’re going to get. Once you have, then read them into your smart phone and listen back to the wording and your delivery so you’ll internalize them.

This way, you will be able to pivot easily and naturally when you need to, and you’ll avoid sounded scripted. But having a best practice outline/script will give you the confidence to make the calls that will make you successful.

Two: Give your prospect time—as soon as you can—to respond to you. That means, you want to avoid opening with a monologue, and instead, state your value prop quickly and get to a question so they can interact. Something like:

“Hi ________, this is _______ _______  with _________ company, and I’m simply calling about our XYX. Quick question: How do you (or your company) use XYX?”

Three: Set a goal for the number of calls you’re going to make each day. Nothing motivates more than concrete goals, and having either a # of dials, or # of conversations, or, best of all, # of appointments a day will keep you smiling and dialing!

Bonus: The absolute best way to get better at making calls is by recording your calls and listening back to them. Make it a habit to listen to at least one of your calls every day! Doing so will help you identify where you need to improve—and how to do it.

There you have it: Three ways to overcome call reluctance. To get the most from these tips, combine all of them with a commitment to being the best in your company or industry. Remember: picking up the phone when those around you are sending emails, will put you way ahead of the pack. So, use these techniques to help you do just that!

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