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The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts

Start Here
Why I wrote this book of phone scripts
Scripts?  Are you kidding?  I don’t want to sound like a telemarketer!
The Six Reasons for Using Scripts:
The 80/20 Rule in Sales
Where to Go for More Help on Inside Sales

Chapter One: Beginning Your Call

Cold Calling Scripts
The Five Best Openings
Opening Statements: What to Do and What Not To Do
Two Openings You Don’t Want To Use:
Two Openings You DO Want To Use:
Three Techniques to Instantly Establish Interest
3 Ways to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds
One Sentence to Establish Immediate Rapport
How to Build Relevant Rapport
5 Ways to Sound More Natural On the Phone

Chapter Two: Overcoming Initial Resistance

How to Eliminate Screening – Forever!
How to Instantly Overcome Sales Resistance
Initial Resistance Scripts
Reflex Response #1:  “I’m not interested” (6 Scripts)
Reflex Response #2: “Just send/fax/email the information (and I’ll keep it on file/have a look at it, etc.)” (9 Scripts)
Reflex Response #3: “We’re already taken care of/have a supplier/etc.” (12 Scripts)
Next in Line Script:  
Reflex Response #4: “I’m too busy, don’t have the time.” (9 Scripts)
Reflex Response #5: “We don’t have the budget/money.” (16 Scripts)

Chapter Three: Top 20% Prospecting Techniques

5 Ways to Handle the “No Budget” Objection in a Tough Economy
How to Handle the Negative Prospect
More ways to handle the Brush Off
How to Handle the Price Question
Scripts to Deal with Assistants
How to Handle Incoming Leads
The Most Important Button on Your Phone
Voice Mail Scripts
How to Write Winning Emails

Chapter Four: The Key to Qualifying

The Five Elements of a Qualified Lead
The Disqualifying Question
How to Deal With Red Flags
How to Use Layering Questions
The One Question to Find the Buying Motive
The Only Qualifying Question You Really Need
5 Ways to Keep Your Prospect Talking

Part Two
Chapter Five: Closing Sales

Closing Scripts
“How to Handle the Initial Resistance” (Over 15 Scripts!!)
Instant Closing Scripts    
The Five-Step Method of Handling Objections

Chapter Six: How to Handle Specific Objections

"I need to show this to my (partner, boss, etc.)" (10 Scripts)
“The Price is too High” (20 Scripts!!)
“The Price is too High—Again!”
"I already have a broker or supplier," (8 Scripts)
"I want to think about it," (10 Scripts)
"I want to talk to my accountant,"
"Want to talk to their financial advisor,"
“We Just Don’t Have the Budget Now”
"I can't afford it,"
"Question the objection that your prospect just gave you."
The Drop Close:
"Multiple choice close."
"Taking the prospect all the way through the close."
The Ben Franklin close.  
“Need References or Not Familiar with Your Company” (5 Scripts)
“We Have Too Much Business Right Now!”
"Just going to pass on this now"
"I don't know you, and I don't feel comfortable doing business over the phone"
"Don't like the lack of control of the investment you are offering"
"Too risky,"
"Too busy now,"
"I don't like high pressure salespeople, and I feel like you are pushing me into this,"
"Assumptive close."
"Close by asking for the order rather than going on."  
"Sitting on the fence,"
"New client account"
“I can get cheaper,"
"The Take Away,"  
"Won't commit, and insists on putting you off,"
"Now time to call them back,"
The Most Important Script You Will Ever Use

Chapter Seven: Questioning Statements

Questioning Statements to Isolate the Objection
Questions to Open Up the Budget
One Liners to Get Your Prospect to Agree With You

Chapter Eight:  Top 20% Closing Tips and Strategies

Two Instant Closing Secrets to Get Better and Make More Money
I Can Get a Better Deal Elsewhere
How to Stay Firm on Price
How Find Out What's Stopping Your Prospect from Buying
Meeting Objections Head On
Getting Commitment Through Out the Buying Process
5 Closing Questions You Must Be Asking
The Key to Building Value
Close More Sales with This One Technique
How to Save a Sale
Prospect Not Buying?  Here Is What To Do…
Straight Selling – The Quickest Path to the Top 20%
The “Instant Close” Technique - Again
The Most Important Word in Sales
You Are Asking For Referrals, Aren’t You?
The Key to Building Value
I Can Get a Better Deal Elsewhere
How to Get the Reorder
How to Beat Your Competition
How to Use the Take Away Close

Chapter Nine: Bonus Section:

How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Real Estate

Objection #1: “I’m going to try to sell it myself.”
Objection #2: “My best friend (brother, uncle, etc.) is an agent.”
Objection #3:  “We’re not ready to buy at this time, we’re just looking.”
Objection #4: “What’s your commission?  That’s too high!  So-and-so will do it for less.” (Variation: “I don’t want to pay full commission.”)
Objection #5: “I can’t afford to sell.” (Variation: The values aren’t strong enough for me to sell now.)
Objection #6: “I have to find a home to move into before I will decide to sell.”
Objection #7: “Well, the other agent is willing to list for ____%, so I want you to do so as well!”
Objection #8: “My home is worth way more than that!”
Objection #9: “Selling is a big step and we need to give this more thought.  But if you have potential buyers, bring them by.”  (Variation: they want the agent to present a ‘verbal offer.’)
Objection #10: “We aren’t in a hurry.”

Bonus Section #2:

How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections for Financial Advisors

Objection #1: “I already have a broker”
Objection #2: “I’m just not moving on anything right now”
Objection #3: "I don't know you” or “I don't feel comfortable doing business over the phone"
Objection #4: "Sitting on the fence"
Objection #5: “I’m going to wait for the market to recover/get better/stabilize/etc.”
Objection #6: "Multiple choice close"
Technique #7: “Setting the appointment”  
Objection #8: "It’s too risky"
Objection #9: “Your fees are too high”
Objection #10: “I’ve lost money with you guys before

Bonus Section #3:

Closing Techniques for Mortgage Brokers

Power Statement #1:
Power Statement #2:
Power Statement #3:
Power Statement #4:
Power Statement #5:
Power Statement #6:
Power Statement #7:
Power Statement #8:
Power Statement #9:
Power Statement #10:

Bonus Section #4:

How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Insurance Sales
Objection #1: “I'm happy with who I have”
Objection #2: “It won’t happen to me”
Objection #3: “Why change what I have?”
Objection #4: “The price is too high”
Objection #5: “You all think you can save me money”
Objection #6: “Life insurance sales”
Objection #7: “No hurry”
Objection #8: “Have ins at work”
Objection #9: “No budget”
Objection #10: “Why now?”

Bonus Section #5:

How to Overcome the Top Ten Objections in Sports Ticket Sales

Objection #1: “The team stinks”
Objection #2: “We had to lay off people/cant’ justify the expense”
Objection #3: “I’d rather purchase game-by-game”
Objection #4: “Not in the budget/can’t afford it”
Objection #5: “Too many games in the season”
Objection #6: “I already have season tickets elsewhere”
Objection #7: “I’m not a fan of (sport)”
Objection #8: “It’s to far to go/I live too far away”
Objection #9: “I don’t like your coach/player(s)/owner/area”
Objection #10: “I just lost my job/don’t know if I’ll have one later on”


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"The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts!"

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