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For front line inside sales reps, get effective and affordable traiing, "On-Demand." Prospecting and closing skills that get results!
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Inside Sales Management Training

Finally, management training for inside sales managers and directors. Get the skills and processes you need to lead and succeed.
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The One CD you
Have to Own!

If I had to boil down all of the Top 20% Secrets onto one CD and say "These are the Most Important Skills You Have To Know!" You'll find them on this CD!


You will find the all the crucially important, MUST have
techniques on this Ultimate CD:


"The Ultimate Secrets of the Top 20%"!


This is the ONE MUST HAVE CD for your sales library, and I’ll tell you now that if you don’t buy anything else this year or ever again, YOU NEED THE INFORMATION on this CD.


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You’ll Learn:


  • The REAL Secrets of the Top 20%
  • How to Get Prepared To Be A Success
  • The Definition of a Qualified Lead
  • Voice Mail: The 5 Golden Rules 
  • Using Email To Your Advantage
  • Why You Shouldn’t Answer Objections, Isolate Them! 
  • The Five-Step Method Of Handling Objections
  • How Stop Talking Past the Close
  • The Take Away Close
  • How To Handle Prospects Who Are Avoiding You
  • How to Handle The Price Question


This is the ONE CD you carry everywhere you go, you listen to before work every day, and on the way to all your appointments because it is the one that WILL DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR INCOME if you just follow the word for word scripts, questions and techniques. 


It’s got EVERYTHING you need to know about Qualifying and Closing Sales like the Top 20%.


Learn How To Double Your Income Today!


Ultimate Secrets CD Just $79!

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Just $79





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