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Sales Solve Everything—but first you have to pick up the phone...

Teaching sales reps how to overcome daily rejection is the beginning of teaching them how to make more prospecting calls—and sales. The good news is that sales is a skill set of repeatable best practices that, once learned and used, makes opening and closing sales not only easier, but fun, too. And I’ll bet you haven’t used those two words (easy & fun) in the same sentence as sales before! That will change once you enroll yourself and your team in our proven and award-winning inside sales training course designed specifically for today’s B2B & B2C inside sales team.

Our 7-session online training is packed with the latest, and most effective inside sales techniques and skills that we not only developed, but that we use ourselves in today’s challenging environment to make our own sales. Our live, interactive online sales training will reduce the rejection, the objections and the blow offs your inside sales team is struggling with now. It will also give them the tools to build rapport, qualify for the “Big-Six” qualifiers and set appointments that stick. And this means appointments that also convert to more deals.

In addition, we teach something no one else does—something that we feel is the most important part of sales (and life) success: Personal motivation and goal setting. Once your team combines the proven calling skills we teach with the mental attitude of winners, they will quickly move beyond any other sales organization in your space today.

And how exciting will that be?

Who Should Attend?

All sales teams who make outbound sales calls or handle inbound calls will immediately benefit from the proven skills and best practice techniques our online training program provides. Also, our training covers the whole sales cycle including presentation best practices, dealing with objections during the close, and following up on leads that didn’t close. In short—if you prospect or sell your product or service over the phone—then you’ll do it better after our proven training!

You Will Learn:

  • How to overcome call reluctance
  • Easy ways of building rapport with decision makers
  • How to deal with, “Just email me something” and “We’re all set”
  • Many more proven ways of selling more over the phone


Inside Sales Training Curriculum  

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  • The One Secret of Sales: Learn This, and Everything Else is Easy…
  • Crush Blow Offs like: “Just Email Me Something” & “We’re All Set,” & “Not Interested” and more…
  • Get Pumped! How to Stay Motivated to Make More Calls
  • Double Your Income in 90 Days with this One Proven Technique
  • Includes over 45 Proven, Word-for-Word Scripted Samples to handle Blow Off Objections!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout


  • Gatekeepers: How to Eliminate Screening Forever!
  • Get Your Voicemails Returned Using These Proven Techniques
  • Emails: Three Rules to Get Your Emails Returned!
  • All Scripts, Email Templates and Voicemail Samples Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!


  • Instantly Build Rapport and Engage to Create Interest—Not Pitch!
  • Learn Exactly What to Say to Influencers vs Decision Makers
  • How to Build Interest and Uncover Need & Pain Points
  • Create Urgency and Set the Stage for Discovery (Qualifying)
  • All Scripts, Openings, and Questions Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!


  • The Six Components of a Qualified Lead: Timeline, Price, Decision Process, etc.
  • Qualifying Without Interrogating: What to Do & What Not to Do
  • Word-for-Word Sample Scripted Questions & Techniques that Work!
  • Scheduling the Next Steps: Keeping Control of the Sales Process
  • All Scripts, Questions, and Rebuttals Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!


  • The Right Way & The Wrong Way to Open Your Presentation
  • How to Build a “Yes” Momentum
  • Trial Closes—How to Use Them and Why You Must!
  • Stop Talking Past the Close! Knowing When—and How—To Ask For the Sale
  • All Scripted Examples, Templates, and Questions, Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!


  • Knowing When to Answer an Objection—and When to Wait
  • How to Uncover the Real Objection & Close the Sale
  • Learn the 5-Step Method of Successfully Handling Any Objection
  • Get Word-for-Word Proven Scripts to Handle the Common Objections You Face
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!
  • All Scripted Examples, Templates, and Questions, Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!


  • The Keys to Successful Follow-Up Calls
  • How to Persevere and Close the Sale on the Call Back
  • The Three Keys to Time Management—What Every Top Producer Knows
  • 5 Habits That Will Make You More Money Than Your Competitor
  • All Scripted Call Back Openings, Closes and Notes, Included!
  • Full 60-Minute Session with Q&A and Chat Throughout!

About Your Presenter—Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales

Mike Brooks, doesn’t read books on inside sales and analyze theoretical problems of calling, instead, he’s made hundreds of thousands of cold calls himself (and still calls prospects and clients every day) and has written 3 bestselling books on inside sales and sales scripts. His techniques have been copied over and over again, but no-one can copy his experience, his enthusiasm, and command of selling over the phone.

Award Winner: Mike is THE recognized authority on inside sales training and phone script development, and was awarded both the 2017 & 2018 “Service Provider of the Year award for Inside Sales Training by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. Mike has also been voted one of the most Influential Inside Sales Professionals by the AA-ISP for nine years in a row.



Training details:

  • All sessions are presented live by Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales
  • Training sessions are 60-minutes each and presented using the standard in the industry: GoToWebinar
  • Sessions can be viewed from any computer with an Internet connection: Perfect for reps in their work stations, conference rooms, or remote workers!
  • All trainings are recorded live and available for review on-demand 24/7 during the seven week course!
  • Participation and Tracking Reports
  • Offers Live Chat Room, Q & A, and Email Support during the seven week program
  • Each session comes with word-for-word sales scripts, handling the content of each course: Including gatekeeper scripts, voicemail samples, and opening scripts, rebuttals to objections, closes, and So Much More!


“The telephone still remains the most powerful sales tool ever created. Let Dr. Inside Sales, AKA Mike Brooks, provide you with the winning words to engage, connect and sell more prospects. Mike’s scripts and playbooks are the perfect sales preSCRIPTion. Get yours today!”

—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Sales Bible and the Little Red Book of Selling

“I’ve known and trusted Mike Brooks for over a decade now, and as a result I’ve built my sales teams on many of the fundamentals that Mike Brooks teaches in his bestselling books of scripts and from hiring him to develop customized script playbooks for my teams. What I have always liked most about Mike's scripts is that they focus on the fundamentals of sales and don't get caught up in the latest hype or technology that can distract from the basics. Bottom line, they work!”

—Kevin Gaither, Senior Vice President of Sales, ZipRecruiter


Mike’s scripts show you how to get more appointments and make more sales by phone than you ever thought possible.”

—Brian Tracy, author Ultimate Sales Success

“What a difference meeting Mike Brooks and reading his two books, The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, Volume I, and his newest book, Power Phone Scripts, have made in my agency’s productivity. We have experienced double digit sales increases in a short period of time after working with Mike and developing a customized script book for our team. Mike, you have challenged me to live by your mantra: 'If they can do it, I can do it better.'”

—Bruce Adorian, State Farm Agent

“In Power Phone Scripts, you’ll discover a plethora of ways to develop interest, identify buyers, deal with common objections and more much. To achieve success, practice these scripts, internalize them and finally, make them your own. If you do, you will soon be selling more, with a lot less resistance.”

—Jill Konrath, author of More Sales, Less Time and SNAP Selling

“Mike’s new book, Power Phone Scripts, provides immediately usable and practical guidance that keeps our entire inside sales team focused on one consistent message. Hiring Mike to develop a customized script playbook has allowed us to reduce adlibbing, and enabled our company to measure our message effectiveness and make needed changes to improve results. We have embraced Mike’s proven sales techniques and scripts, and I highly recommend him and his processes as a great resource to improve sales performance and revenue results.”

—Mark Dunn, CPA, CBM, CGMA, MBA, CEO, Trojan Professional Services, Inc.

“Too few people are talking about the most important part of inside sales—improving the core selling skills of front line salespeople. Sales is all about conversations. Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales, produces outstanding scripts of real world talking points that are required references for any inside sales professional or sales team. Salespeople need to know what to say in a variety of selling scenarios that happen every day. Mike fills the void with his books and customized script playbooks.”

—Steve Richard, Chief Revenue Officer

“All the questions a salesperson can potentially ask organized in a format that follows the sales process. What else can one ask for in a book of phone scripts? Great resources!”

—Trish Bertuzzi, author of The Sales Development Playbook

“In my opinion, Mike is the world's top authority on selling over the phone. If you want to double your income, listen to Mike.”

—Jeb Blount, Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, People Buy You 

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