The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts

The Essential Scripts on Cold Calling, Closing, and Overcoming Objections

Mike’s bestselling book of phone scripts gives you the essential skills and winning techniques to help you breeze past gatekeepers, establish rapport with decision makers and close more sales.

What you’ll learn in The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts:

  • The six crucial qualifiers for every prospect – and how to ask for them
  • The proven formula for breezing past gatekeepers
  • Word-for-word rebuttal scripts to the objections you face now
  • Bonus section for insurance sales, credit card sales, real estate, mortgage, etc.

Along with Power Phone Scripts, Ultimate will complete your phone script library. Keep both copies near the phone and never be at a loss of what to say ever again!

Mike Brooks’ The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts, is a library of excellent tips for call introductions, building rapport, handling objections, etc., which individuals and teams can use to sharpen their sales skills.


Bob Perkins,

CEO of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

Absolutely the best book on phone sales
I’ve seen in a long time.


Brian Tracy

author of Ultimate Sales Success.

I know that Mike’s scripts and techniques in The Ultimate Book of Scripts really work. Buy the book, learn and use these scripts, and you’ll make more sales and income than you ever have before. This is a must have resource for all sales professionals!


Wendy Weiss

The Queen of Cold Calling

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