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The Top 20% Mastermind Group Is Here!  

What is a Mastermind Group?  

A Mastermind Group is made up of five to six people who come together on a weekly basis to share ideas, experience, information, feedback, and resources. 

By getting the perspective, knowledge, experience, and resources of the others in the group, not only can you move beyond your own limited view of the world but you can also advance your own goals and projects more quickly. 

“One of the most Powerful Tools for Success is the process of a mastermind group. I don’t know anybody who has become super successful who has not employed the principle of masterminding.”
Jack Canfield, The Success Principles

 Where did the Mastermind Group idea come from? 

Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich, pioneered the concept of masterminding, and since then all the world’s richest industrialists – from the early twentieth century to the leaders of modern business today – have harnessed the power of the mastermind group. 

It’s the one concept achievers reference most when they credit any one thing that helped them achieve success so quickly.

 “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn, Self-made millionaire and successful author
Why Do Mastermind Groups Work? 

The power comes from the special energy that the group focuses on your efforts – in the form of knowledge, experience, new ideas, a vast array of resources, and, most importantly, spiritual energy.

 It’s this spiritual aspect that Napoleon Hill wrote about extensively.

 He said that when we’re in tune with the mastermind – the universal storehouse of ideas and energy which some call creative force, universal mind, or God – we have significantly more positive energy available to us, and more power that can be focused on our success. 

This power comes from the synergy of ideas and energy generated by mastermind group members.

 How Does the Top 20% Mastermind Group Work? 

The Top 20% Mastermind Group meets for one hour each week, via a conference call, which I lead and moderate for the group. Each group is limited to just five sales professionals, managers or business owners (there is a separate group for each). 

The first few sessions of a new group are devoted to each individual member (you get the whole hour) to familiarize the others with your situation, opportunities, needs and challenges, while the other members brainstorm ways they can support and help you.

 During subsequent, ongoing meetings, participants each get a set amount of time to update the others, ask for help, and get feedback. 

Each mastermind group meeting then follows a proven format that ensures each member gets their needs met and gets the most from the group. More specific guidelines are explained in the welcome pack and goal sheet forms which are sent upon joining the group. 

How Much Does This Cost? 

Your investment is just $400 per month.  

What Else Do I Get?

 Besides the powerful help of other mastermind group members, you also get:

  • Unlimited email support with me, Mike Brooks
  • Phone call support with me, and other members of the group
  • Networking and email support with each other
  • A copy of my 5-CD Series, a $249 value, for a commitment of 90 days in the group
  • Special Discounts on my other products and on-site trainings
  • A complimentary one on one coaching session with me, Mike Brooks
  • Free script and sales process review
  • Unlimited Success


“Mike’s coaching and consulting is exactly what I’ve needed to take my business to the next level!” 

Mike, I can’t tell you how much time and money I’ve saved by working with you over the last few months. You’ve been invaluable in helping me and my sales team with scripts, training, and you've been spot on with your advice and solutions.

Your coaching on how to hire a manager and how to make sure they succeed has been worth its weight in gold. I can’t recommend you enough, but make sure and save time to keep working with me! Thanks for everything!

 Cuyler Tremayne, CEO,

 Joining and participating in a Top 20% Mastermind Group could easily become the most important action you take for your business or career.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your future to do everything you can to ensure your success. And nothing will do that more than joining other professionals who are committed as much to your success as well as to their own. 

Sign up today. Call me at (919) 267-4202 to inquire about the availability and timing of the next Top 20% Mastermind Group!


Mastermind Group Sign Up:

1) Monthly Investment - For month to month payment, your investment is just $400 per month. This gets you all of the above extra services with the exception of the FREE 5-CD Series. 

2) 3 – Month Investment Paid In Advance: ($1,200). Choose this option and you receive all of the above PLUS my 5-CD Series, “Secrets of the Top 20%, How To Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone” (a $249 Value, FREE). 



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