How to Use Assumptive Questions

There are all kinds of questions a sales rep can ask — closed-ended, open-ended, directive, etc. — but none are more valuable than the assumption question.

While 80% of your competition use closed ended questions ? ?Are you the decision maker on this?" only the Top 20% use and understand the proper use of the assumptive question.

The main benefit of using an assumptive question is that it often catches your prospect off guard and eliminates the smoke screens they are so used to giving. Let’s take the above example of the decision maker.

To start with, most prospects you speak with will involve others in the decision-making process. But most of them won’t tell you this until the end of your presentation.

Asking the closed-end question ?Are you the decision maker," often prompts them to say yes and so avoids further qualifying from you. But if you’ve been in sales a while, you know the ?I’ve got to talk to _______? objection still surfaces — usually at the very end.

Using an assumption question can often smoke this out. Here’s what to say:

?________ who else will you be speaking with in regards to this decision?"

When you ask an assumptive question like this, your prospect will often volunteer crucial information you will need to close the sale later on — information that 80% of your competition isn’t getting.

And you will usually get this information by using these kinds of assumptive questions.

Here are a few more you can use:

For budget: ?________ most of my clients have a price range in mind when considering this, what is yours?"

To sell bigger orders ? ?________ most of my clients want the discount that comes from ordering this by the (case, unit, multiple month contract, etc.), is that how you want to do this is well?

Assume the close ? ?________ I?ve been looking forward to getting back with you today. I’m sure you?ve (reviewed the information, brochure, material, etc.) and liked what you saw. Did you want to start with (X size order) today, or take the (larger) order?"

The assumptive questioning technique can be used throughout your sales process and will immediately make you a better closer. My question to you is, ?How many current questions can you change so they become assumptive?"

The more you change, the more sales you will make.

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