How To Grab Interest In 5 Seconds

I hear over and over again how important the first few seconds of a phone call are to make a connection and grab interest, and my question to you is — are you still opening your calls with the standard, “How are you today?”  If so, then you’ve just turned off about half of your prospects.

Think about it, what’s your reaction to someone you don’t know who calls you and asks, “How are you today?”  If you’re like most people, you’re thinking, “I’ll be much better as soon as I can you off the phone!”

Want to know a better way?  The Top 20% understand how important it is to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other people calling their prospects, and they are focused on engaging and creating interest with their prospects.  Here’s a technique they use that works really well:

When your prospect answers the phone, announce yourself and then ask, “Can you hear me OK?”  This immediately catches your prospect off guard, forces them to focus, think, and respond in a positive manner, which is usually “Yes, I can.”

An additional benefit is that your prospect is now also now paying closer attention to what you’re about to say next.  Quite an improvement over the other method/response, isn’t it?

If your prospect happens to say, “Yes, why can’t you hear me?”  (or some variation), just tell them that you’re trying a new headset, or that there was a clicking on the line, or that it’s very busy in the background there (or whatever else might actually be going on in your work environment), and you wanted to make sure you both had a clear connection.  Then continue on with your presentation (which should begin with, “Briefly, the reason for the call…”).

This technique, which may sound simple, really works well and though it may take some time getting used to, you will end up loving the new reactions and results you get.  I urge you to try it for a few days and see for yourself the difference it makes.

I agree with people who say you only have a few seconds to make a connection, and now you have proven way to do just that.

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