“Absolutely the best book on phone sales I’ve seen in a long time.” – Brian Tracy
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To succeed in today’s economy and new sales environment, you need new tools, new cold calling scripts, and new techniques that will help you engage and connect with buyers, and win business over your competition. You’ll learn all those proven techniques, skills and inside sales scripts here! Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn:
  • Breeze past the gatekeeper and get to the decision maker (page 36)

  • Build rapport in 5 seconds - or less! (page 15)

  • Learn how to NOT sound like all the other sales reps cold calling your prospects! (page 14)

  • Learn how to handle a negative prospect (page 33)

  • Use Six Proven Ways to handle the “I’m not interested” blow off (page 19)

  • How to use Voice Mail and Email so you actually get a response! (page 52)

  • Effectively deal with “Just send your information” and other sales brush offs and earn the right to present your product or service (page 18)

  • Learn who the real decision maker is and how the decision is made! (page 42)
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Here’s what you’ll learn to close more sales by phone:
  • Learn how to get your prospects to sit still for a presentation! (page 62)

  • Overcome the “We already have someone who handles that” objection and many more! (page 68)

  • Learn how to instantly get the sale – even without pitching! (page 71)

  • How to use proven trial closes – your most powerful tool! (page 76)

  • Learn proven closes to make you closer of the month (pages78 - 102)

  • How to build a buying momentum (page 105)

  • Learn and use powerful questions to get your prospect to open up! (page 106)

  • How to stay firm on price (page 111)

  • How to find out what’s really stopping your prospect from buying – and what to do about it! (page 113)

  • How to beat your competition (page 126)

  • How to use the take away close (page 127)

And So Much More (Over 130 pages!)

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When closing sales, do you ever get the objection,“The price is too high?”If so, then click here to hear, word for word, what to say to overcome this. By the way, this is just one of Twenty Scripts you'll find in the Complete Book of Phone Scripts!

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The Little Book of Listening
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You can work out anything, if you take the time to understand the other person’s point of view. Listen with the intent to understand before you speak, then you can respond with the full knowledge of what has been communicated. Jeffrey Gitomer's Little E-Book of Listening: How to Listen with the Intent to Understand was first released as a companion to the Little Black Book of Connections.
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Where Do You Turn When Faced With an Objection?

By Dave Kahle

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Thorough preparation is the fundamental strategy for handling objections.  Use this 30-page workbook to guide you through the process of anticipating, and preparing to handle every objection, even the most difficult.
The Ultimate Qualified Lead Profile Toolkit

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Closing sales starts ALL the way in the beginning, by going after the right prospect. This program will help you finally define the best prospects so you can create easier sales.
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Here is what other sales reps Just Like You are saying about the scripts in “The Complete Book of Phone Scripts.”

All 5-Star Reviews!

Gold for anyone building call scripts or processes!

Mike writes with deep experience that is on display through his use of extensive examples. He displays hard-won experience in getting past gatekeepers, navigating difficult prospect conversations, and taking control of the conversation. His scripts reflect the best in psychological and social insight to qualifying prospects and make the sale.


Great book

This is the best book on phone scripts I ever read. It has detailed instructions on every step of the way. Making cold calling a lot easier for me.



Improve your selling skills with this book,

I wanted to close more sales and make more money. I saw a review of this book and bought it. For such a small amount of investment of time and money all you have learned about effective selling and much more is yours for the reading. As long as you are not competing with me, I highly recommend it.

Mark W.


Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to become great at getting your point across is to practice the delivery of the message. This book gives great scripts to practice so the delivery becomes comfortable and natural. The scripts cover all the areas you will come across in sales from overcoming initial resistance, to advanced closing techniques, and everything in between. I particularly like the fact that each scenario just doesn't have one response but several so you can find something which matches your personality. The scripts work!

Thomas O.


Excellent and practical

For anyone who picks up the phone to make a living, this book is for you. While Mike provides the philosophy and rationale for why these approaches work, it is the practical, immediately useable scripts that make this book invaluable. In any profession to be successful, one must be practiced and prepared; the advice in this book goes a long way toward getting you there. It doesn't pick up the phone and dial the number, but it can have you prepared with an approach and a script that will help you recognize those who have an interest, prepare you to qualify them, answer their objections and concerns in a thoughtful way and close the sale. Highly recommended.

John M.


Best Book Ever

I own over 100 sales books. This book tops all of them put together. My closing percentage went up 35%. Its a must buy!!!!



Changed My Salesman’s Opinion of the Phone

This book has changed the way my entire sales force addresses prospecting & closing. Although this book is primarily for phone selling, it has proved invaluable for appointment setting and overcoming sales obstacles during the entire sales process, whether face to face or over the phone. Every one of my reps has written a script, and then re-written it based on the proven methods in the book. Our appointments have doubled and we all have much greater confidence when picking up the phone. Thanks Mike!!!!



Made the only part I hate about my job, fun!

I'm new to sales and have always hated calling to set my appointments. After reading this book for under 1 hour, I had a whole new outlook on booking. I sell life insurance and we "never" sell over the phone. But what Mike made me realize is that you have to sell youself, just to set that appointment.

I learned how to write my own scripts (with the templates provided in this book) and I am extremely happy to say, my appointment count doubled the first week and is climbing steadily. Not only am I getting more appointments, but the clients are more receptive when I arrive. Now I look foward to booking my appointments, since this book showed me how to take control and get the most out of my leads.



Concise, practical method to improve sales

The title says it all. Mike Brooks has put together a great list of email, voicemail, and direct calling scripts. Social media is a great tool for sales people, but cold calling is not dead. The reality is that cold calling is still required in many instances, and Mr. Brooks provides a tremendous amount of examples that you can use and tweak according to your specific needs. Within an hour, you will have plenty of new techniques to increase your sales!!



A very valuable book

If you do any type of sales this book is fantastic. It is very easy to read and the examples were just what I deal with everyday. I needed more info on how to sell to "new" prospects and this helped me a lot. I bought a copy for everyone on my sale team and still use it as reference- Thanks Mike

Max C

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