3 Selling Techniques to Use During Covid-19

Things have changed—have you noticed? Of course you have; you’re probably working from home right now… The question is: Have you changed the way you’re approaching your prospects and clients? Believe it or not, I’m still getting the same old emails and the same old phone calls from companies trying to sell me their products […]

Covid-19 Email Responses to Use Now

In my continuing blog series on how to handle the stalls, objections, and real-world situations in sales caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, below you’ll find some suggested email responses to situations you may be running into. Couple of things to remember about this challenging time: Don’t pressure people right now. The challenges your prospects are […]

Script to Deal with the Covid-19 Objection

“We’re just not doing anything until this virus situation is settled…” Sound familiar? It should. You probably get this objection, or some version of it, every day now. And for good reason. We’re all in unchartered territory now. Some of you reading this are working from home—a whole new challenge—some stores and companies are closing […]

New On Demand Training Available Now!

It’s here! You and your reps need training, and you want it now! And we heard you! Introducing our brand new, 7-Session inside sales training course that is available to you and your team TODAY. Your reps can now watch and learn when it’s convenient for them! Over the course of seven pre-recorded webinar sessions, […]

Is Cold Calling Dead?

I received an email last week from a real estate rep asking me if cold calling was dead. If you’re wondering the same thing, ask yourself this question: Think about all the times you pick up your phone to reach out to new buyers: those people you see on social media who you think would […]