A Better Way to Upsell

So, here’s what happened last week: I bought a new car and called a local window tinting franchise to get it tinted. The owner answered, quickly took my credit card for the top tinting package, and then attempted to upsell me to his high priced “car wrapping” package (basically a full body protection package). The […]

How do You React to Adversity?

Sales—and life—can be hard at times. In sales, you face a lot of rejection, daily, and yet you need to persevere and overcome in you want to succeed. In life, too, there is adversity and things don’t always go your way. The question it: What is the secret to dealing with life—and sales—when situations don’t […]

One Question to Close More Demos

Have you ever gotten to the end of your demo and wondered how it was going to end? Wondered not only if the prospect was going to move forward, but also what it would take and how long that might take? If you have, then you’re probably missing one of the most important “pre-qualifying” questions […]