5 Questions to Ask Every Inbound Lead

A company I’ve been working with for over a year now gets a portion of their leads via inbound email requests for information on their services. Another company recently reached out to me wondering if there is a best practice approach for handling inbound leads. There is! I’ve written on this subject before but let […]

Stalls During Covid-19—How to Handle Them

“We’re just not doing anything right now….” “We’re ‘on hold’ until things settle down.” “We’re not spending any money right now.” These are common stalls that you get all the time, but now it seems harder to overcome them. Why is that? It’s because salespeople are now buying into them. And why not? It makes […]

Would you nominate me?

I need your help!  Each year, the AA-ISP recognizes outstanding service providers with their annual Service Provider Directory “SPD” Awards.   If you have benefited from my material or blogs and scripts I provide, then would you be willing to take a minute to nominate me? There are two categories below that would help me tremendously:  […]

The Most Important Qualifier During Covid-19

Let’s review: There are six primary areas that you need to qualify a prospect on: Buying motives Red Flags: Why they won’t buy Decision maker(s) Decision process Timeline Budget Skip any of these and it can come back to sabotage the sale. Obviously, there is an art to gathering this information, and I’ve written about […]

Covid-19: 5 Long Term Strategies for Sales

Question: When will things get back to normal? Answer: When there is a safe and effective vaccine. Questions: When will that be? Answer: 12 – 18 months, hopefully. Whether you want to hear it or not, you could be working from home for the next 18 months. Oh, I know, businesses are opening, your own […]

Handling Covid-19 Stalls via Email

Do any of these email responses from prospects or customers sound familiar? “Everything is on hold right now.” “Due to the circumstances, we just don’t have the budget right now.” “We’re not making any decisions right now.” “This just isn’t a good time for us—I’m sure you can understand.” What all these responses have in […]

Zoom: 5 Quick Tips to Use it Effectively

By now, we’re all settled in at home and seamlessly conducting our business by phone and Zoom meetings, right? Well, not so fast… Like you, I’ve greatly increased my Zoom meetings, and I’ve been disturbed by what I’ve seen. There has been a surprising lack of professionalism, lack of preparation, and in general an unorganized […]

Overcoming Covid-19 Common Objections

I’d like to thank you, my readers, for your kind comments on my blog series: “Handling the Coronavirus Selling Environment.” I’ve received some useful pointers that I’ll continue to pass on to you all as well as answer some of your direct questions. Several readers sent in COVID-19 specific objections and stalls they’ve received over […]

3 Selling Techniques to Use During Covid-19

Things have changed—have you noticed? Of course you have; you’re probably working from home right now… The question is: Have you changed the way you’re approaching your prospects and clients? Believe it or not, I’m still getting the same old emails and the same old phone calls from companies trying to sell me their products […]