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How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Inside Sales Team is available as two different product options.

Option One: Get The Complete Program

Course Description: The Complete Course Contains all three sections listed above.  This is the comprehensive program that will walk you and your management team, step by step, through what it takes to build and manage a Multi-Million Producing Inside Sales Team!
  Format: Complete 400+ page binder along with 6 CD’s that walk you through each page and each step of the process. Click Here to see course content
  Author: Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales
Content:We've Done All the Work For You!


     Qualifying Checklist Form – Ready to use for your company!
  Sales Benchmarks Checklist
  Best Practice Opening Script Examples
  Comprehensive (Over 50)  Initial Resistance Scripts!
  Complete Closing Scripts
  Objection Rebuttal Scripts
  Complete Management Training Tools and Forms including:
  Step by Step Monitoring and Coaching Techniques
  Script Adherence Grading Form for evaluating rep’s progress
  Ready to Use Sample Ads for attracting Top Sales Talent
  Ready to Use Interview Questions
  And much, much more!
     Just $1,995!!

All Scripts and Forms are included in this Special Bonus CD saving you hours of work and making it easy to adapt and immediately use in your sales environment!



Option Two: Managing and Motivating Your Sales Team (Part Three from the Complete Program)

The perfect solution if you need to just train your sales manager how to manage,
monitor and motivate their sales team more effectively.

 Course Description: Managing and Motivating Your Inside Sales Team coverseverything your manager needs to effectively and efficiently hire, monitor and manage your sales team to attain their revenue goals.  This program focuses on the essential, day to day management of inside sales professionals.
 Format: 72+ page binder along with 2 CD’s that walk you through each page and each step of the day to day inside sales management process.
Click Here to see course content
Content: Covers every element of hiring, managing, monitoring and motivating a successful inside sales team.  Topics include day to day monitoring of reps, script adherence grading forms, personal development plans, motivating individual reps and teams, the proper use of CRM software, complete hiring guides including sample ads to attract top producers, questions for the interview process, and much, much more…
  Just $795!!