"How to Build a
Multi-Million Dollar
Inside Sales Team"

Part Three: Managing
Your Sales Team
Just $795


A complete 72+ page binder Along with the following 2 CD's
that walk you through each page and each step of the day to day inside sales management process.

Part Three: Managing Your Sales Team

CD #1

Your Goal as Sales Manager
If I were Hired as Your Manager
True Sales Management
Effective Tools for Monitoring
Teach Goals for Improvement
Taking Over Calls
Script Adherence Grading Forms
Your Management Goal

CD #2

Motivating Your Team
Make Results Public
Recap of Management Essentials
The Best CRM System
The Big Question
Evaluate Your Team
Make the Hard Decisions
Performance Manage Out Non-Producers
Slow Hiring Fast Firing
Ads to Find the Right Reps
Asking the Right Questions During the Interview
Using Assessment Tests to Measure Intangibles
Behavioral Testing
Interests Related to Selling
Testimonial Letter