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PROVEN ONLINE SALES TRAINING = BETTER RESULTS No Cost / No Obligation Consultation >> Is Your B2B Inside Sales Team: 1) Sending Emails Instead of Making Calls? 2) Struggling with call reluctance?  3) Not Making Monthly Revenues? Our award-winning, online sales training will immediately make your team more confident and effective by providing them with […]

How to Successfully Deal with the Gatekeeper

Many sales reps don’t know how to deal successfully with the gatekeeper. If things like: “Will he know what this call is regarding?” keep you up at night, then you need to watch this video and use the proven techniques in it. And if you’re a sales manager, you need to send this out to […]

Closing Sales is Like First and Goal

Hope you’re enjoying the NFL playoffs. A client and I were talking about that Bear/Eagles game a week ago, and (besides the Bear’s kicker—I do feel bad for him), we were talking about that last scoring drive of the Eagles. How they went for it on 4th down with 56 seconds left—and scored the winning […]

Sales is a Numbers Game | Track Phone Cold Call Lead Activity Daily

Some Will, Some Won’t, Who’s Next? By Mike Brooks, Find out why sales is a numbers game and why using a daily phone cold call lead activity tracker and prospect management system such as a team goal tracking spreadsheet or calendar is vital to success. Ever found yourself staring at the phone, unable to […]

Inside Sales Force Team Performance Management Training Ideas & Tips

Inside Sales Management Made Easy By Mike Brooks, Learn effective inside sales force team rep performance management training ideas, tips, techniques and plan with best practices. Being an inside sales manager is tough these days. Technology (which is supposed to make your job easier), is overwhelming and there are just too many new data […]