Gatekeepers: Six Things NOT to Do

If you’re getting screened out by gatekeepers, then chances are you’re probably causing that screening. Before we get into the things you may be doing to cause them to begin interrogating you, let’s quickly define some terms. First, not all gatekeepers are the same. About 30% of the gatekeepers you get are closer to being […]

The Gatekeeper

gatekeeper best practices webinar PRICING OPTIONS THE GATEKEEPER: Avoid getting screened out and reach more decision makers Today! Why gatekeepers would rather not interrogate you! Believe it or not, most gatekeepers would rather just put you through and move on with their day. The problem is that many sales reps use the wrong approach that […]


free webinar: how to avoid getting screened out! PRICING OPTIONS Gatekeepers Best Practices Learn how to get the gatekeeper to put you through over 80% of the time without screening you out! Most sales reps hate prospecting because they don’t know how to effectively deal with the gatekeeper. Do your reps suffer from call reluctance […]

How to Successfully Deal with the Gatekeeper

Many sales reps don’t know how to deal successfully with the gatekeeper. If things like: “Will he know what this call is regarding?” keep you up at night, then you need to watch this video and use the proven techniques in it. And if you’re a sales manager, you need to send this out to […]

Pitching the Gatekeeper Won’t Get You to the DM

One of the biggest mistakes I still hear sales reps making is pitching the gatekeeper or receptionist in hopes of them being so impressed that they will put them through to the Decision Maker (DM). Yeah, right. I mean, how often does that happen for you? Truth is, the more you “pitch” the gatekeeper, the […]

Dealing Successfully With Gatekeepers

Every month, I get emails from my readers asking me how to deal with gatekeepers. They tell me the most frustrating part of prospecting is actually getting through to the decision maker. They get interrogating questions like: “Will he know what this call is about?” And “Is she expecting your call?” And “Have you spoken […]

Stop Pitching the Gatekeeper – and What to Do Instead

One of the biggest mistakes many inside sales reps make is pitching the gatekeeper. For some reason they feel compelled to pour their pitch on the first pair of ears they get, and, unfortunately, this usually gets them into trouble. To start with, the gatekeeper is just that – someone whose job it is to […]