One of the Easiest Things You Can Do to Increase Sales

A few years ago I was introduced to a system of marketing that is easy, inexpensive, and automatic even. It’s a way that I stay in front of prospects so when they are finally ready to buy, I’m the first person they think of. Once I learned about it, I was all in. Then, once I started using it and getting results, I wondered why other sales people didn’t use it. And that’s when I remembered the famous words my mentor taught me years ago.

He said, “Mike if you’re willing to do the things that most sales reps won’t do, then soon you’ll be able to do the things most sales reps will never be able to do.”

And I found out that means live a lifestyle most people only dream about. As you probably well know, most sales people struggle to make sales, while the top producers seem to enjoy all the perks, bonuses, recognition and lifestyle others only dream about. I took his advice and I’ve been living that lifestyle for over 25 years…

So what are the things “most sales reps won’t do?” If you’re a regular reader of my ezines, then you know many of them. But here’s something I don’t mention much, but it’s a perfect example of one of those things that, again, is easy, inexpensive, automatic and extremely effective. Yet, most sales reps just won’t do it. But those that do reap major benefits…

I’ll start with the story that got me hooked on this system. A guy named Jordan owns a vacation property in Phoenix, and one day he went to his getaway and found that someone had broken in. They didn’t steal anything, but it looked like they lived there for a while. They brought their own food, did their own cooking, and didn’t wash the sheets when they left.

So Jordan did what most people would do: he opened the yellow pages and picked an alarm company and hired them. Now, here’s where the story gets interesting. Jordan said that when he bought the house he was pitched by several different companies to install an alarm. He decided not to do it at the time. But he said if any one of the sales reps kept in touch with him, for example, if any one of them had sent him a reminder card every couple of months, then they would have been the company he would have called.

And they would now be getting the $45 each month he sends to the other guys he picked at random!

What I learned from this story is that there is a company out there that sends custom cards that can be arranged in a campaign that you customize to send at any interval you want. You write the cards in advance and then just input a prospect’s name and voila! Every month or every two weeks – or any interval in between – this company sends a beautiful card to your prospect.

I was sold. I know that many of my prospects might like what I have to offer but something happens and they have to delay the purchasing decision. But I also know that THINGS CHANGE! And when they do, I want to be top of mind to get that business. And I do get the business.

I’ve been using Send Out Cards now for several years, and I’ll tell you now I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars from prospects who call me out of the blue because I’ve stayed in front of them.

Just last year I got a $64,000 deal from someone who had been referred to me because the guy who referred me got cards from me. I had never even spoken to the guy! I invested about $12.50 in cards (which were sent without me doing anything) and that’s the result I got. And that’s just ONE example. I’m telling you, this system works.

And now here’s the good news. Even though Send Out Cards is a direct marketing company, now you can begin using them without signing up or paying any fees. You can use them on a pay as you go basis. And at under $2.00 per card (again, for a beautiful, custom greeting card delivered right to your prospect), this is the easiest, most affordable and effective marketing program you will ever use.

You’ll need to use my distributor # to try it out: 83661

Now I know that most of you won’t do this. Again, only those people “who are willing to do what others won’t” will actually try this. But those that do will make more sales, be more confident and begin “doing the things that most sales reps will never be able to do.”

If you’re ready to begin rising above the crowd, then click here and learn more about this amazing system. And when prospects start calling you to do business with, you’ll think back to this moment and be happy you did.

P.S. And don’t forget that the holidays are coming! Send Out Cards can send not only custom Holiday Cards, but very affordable, unique gifts as well to your special clients and prospects. Try it now. Use 83661 to get started today!