A Better Way to Sell Over the Phone

Would you finally like to know exactly what to say in any selling situation when you call prospects and clients? Well now you can?

My new book, ?The Ultimate Book of Phone Scripts,?  has over 220 word for word, proven scripts to help you deal with all the blow offs, put offs and objections you get day in and day out when prospecting, setting appointments and closing sales over the phone.

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This book is packed with script after script of real world, effective come backs and rebuttals that will help you easily handle situations like:

  • Overcoming initial objections like, ?We?re not interested? and ?I?m too busy,? and ?We already have a company/supplier for that,? and many, many more;
  • *Learning how to build crucial rapport in the first 5 seconds;
  • *Connecting with gatekeepers and getting through to the decision maker;
  • *Knowing what to do and what NOT to do when prospecting and qualifying;
  • *Dealing with smokescreen objections like ?The price is too high?;
  • *Getting your prospects to return your emails and voice mails;
  • *Overcoming common objections like, ?We just need to think about it,? and ?I can get it for less money,? and many more.

Let?s face it ? you get the same objections 90% of the time, so why not be prepared in advance with the absolute best scripts and techniques that really work. These scripts are focused on helping you connect with and engage your prospects instead of talking and pitching at them. That?s why Brian Tracy calls this book, ?The absolute best book on inside sales I?ve seen in a long time.?

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Mike Brooks,
Mr. Inside Sales

P.S. The Chapter on cold calling alone will instantly change your experience of prospecting and will easily pay for the book within the first day! Check out Ultimate Scripts Here.